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Building an event-sourcing service with Node.js and Redis

My current employer wanted a new application to replace a collection of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. We made the decision early on to use event sourcing, as we were not sure of all the features it would need, and wanted to be able to add additional features easily. This article describes the process I went through searching for solutions, and then designing an event-sourcing service in Node.js and Redis.

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Routing for a React application using kingfish

Many React applications use react-router for routing. However, what if you do not need the large featureset it provides, and want something simpler and smaller? In this tutorial, I will show you two ways to use kingfish for routing in a React application or website.

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Introducing kingfish: a byte-conscious isomorphic router

I have just released kingfish, a router for byte-conscious isomorphic applications. It is designed for use with a build tool such as WebPack or Browserify, and is loosely inspired by Express, react-router, and page.js. Visit its documentation page to learn more.

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