I have built several open-source modules to use in both my personal projects and my professional work. I try to use existing modules whenever possible, but sometimes I cannot find one that quite does what I want.


Isomorphic routing module inspired by Express, react-router, and page.js. Uses sub-routers to make code splitting simple, helpful error messages, and a simple API.


Event store for use with applications built using the event sourcing model. Runs as a separate background service on your server and interacts with your applications over an HTTP API. Built with simplicity and speed in mind.


Framework for building web applications using command-query-responsibility-segregation for communication with the server, kingfish for routing, and Flux-style data stores.


Tiny slideshow module with touch support, CSS3 animations, and a simple API. Works with any block-style element, not just images, and allows you to fully customize the UI and functionality. Can be used on its own, or easily integrated into a single-page website.


CLI wrapper for the Gaze file watcher. Similar to Watch, but allows you to pass the name of the file that changed to the command you're running. build script

The build script for this website is open-source.