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VB interface

Older interface built using Visual Basic for students to input equations to describe a computer-generated circuit. The circuit generation and rendering code was not developed by me, only the interface to input equations. Individual "terms" in the equations may be dragged using the mouse, and the software gives feedback after the student clicks "Check Equation."

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Circuit Tutor is a set of computer and web software to teach introductory circuit analysis and related topics to students in an interactive and fun manner, currently being developed at Arizona State University and evaluated at several colleges across North America.

I worked with a multi-disciplinary team to build web infrastructure, design new instruction materials, and evaluate student learning. I was primarily responsible for moving approximately 30% of the code from a legacy Win32 application to the web, student logs from text files to a MySQL database compliant with FERPA regulations for student data, and assisting other team members by building the web infrastructure necessary to implement new learning materials.